Providing your space with a commendable finish are the intentions of most involved in any form of interior based decorating projects. The delivery of this magical finish is not always as easy as it may seem, even though all act with intent. Perhaps the most forgotten element yet the most useful piece of the jigsaw is complementing your abode or workspace with a fantastic, fine fitted floor-space. Here at Design Abode we cater for a vibrant variety yet robustly adequate types of flooring options. We’ll endeavour to discuss through all the aspects involved in giving you a great clean look. Studying the makeup of your abode, matching up a style to compliment your floor-space, understanding the materials on offer, considering installation and the finishing touches are part of the detailed service on offer. Providing a Gold Standard approach stems from our experience in dealing and working with numerous industry professionals such as interior designers, developers, architects, builders, project managers and surveyors. Having a deep range of wooden flooring through to a variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles has seen us foresee projects from homes, flats to restaurants and places of work. With a high level of professionalism at a competitive rate you’ll be sure to have a fine floor or wall space complimented to its maximum ability.

  • Tiling


    Superior range of tiling made of up naturally durable, highly resilient materials, providing an everlasting “wow,” factor. Inspiring designs on both wall and floor surfaces, we have an extensive collection of materials and patterns on show, bringing delight to your overall project.

  • Wooden Flooring


    Several super layers of flooring options available for all. Houses, pubs, restaurants, schools whatever the project at hand our deep understanding and choice is sure to fit the quota. We’ll talk you through the process involved in applying and selecting the correct flooring type amongst our many premium styles.

  • Amtico


    Luxurious Amtico collection of flooring suiting the current contemporary mood as well conventional preferences. Strong layered, easy to clean, robust and classic textured appearances. A must-see collection.

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