Having a luxurious outlook to your main living space can simply seem like a distant dream. We find this to be a mixed bag of results when evaluating existing client abodes. Some choose to do so little whilst some go overboard with too many options on display. For a living area to come to life one must work on a focal point – something which gives the space a wow factor. With our excellent, experienced design team on hand, fear no more. Our fully experienced design team will be able to create and cover all the options available for you to have the Gold Standard touch applied to your abode. No matter how large or small your space, we’ll give you the luxury feel in creating the ultimate “wow,” factor. Working closely with high end interior designers on various detailed projects means our visual graphic team have more or less covered any style or fashion outlook that has been tried and successfully tested. Whether it’s a project full of remedial works or a simple installation to uplift the mood in your living space our fabulous inspiring example of works oozes the confidence you deserve and desire. At Design Abode, we work synonymously with the latest trends in the market. Specialising in décor panels, media units coupled with clean finishes, special lighting, highlighting design focal points. Or perhaps linking in with your office space, furniture layout only or open plan living, our team will get the formula right. Creating a final lavish impression is no longer to be a limitation. Enquire by filling in our free design consultation to start the grand process now!

  • Décor panelling


    Exquisite décor panelling polishing off your abode with aplomb. Premium, robust panels, textured panels interlocked together in bespoke fashion using the highest-grade installation techniques. Be sure to give your space the talked about impact it deserves. Speak to us for a bespoke design, measure and install service.

  • Media units


    Classy, modern, contemporary looking designs providing super-smart practical solutions for utilising space throughout your abode. Storing your living room possessions with eye-catching practicality whilst at the same time still aesthetically pleasing, giving you an ultra-modern habitat.

  • Office


    With the trend of working from home rising tenfold, meet today’s busy demands by profiling bespoke office-based solutions. Designing, preparing spaces for essential office needs with glamorous finishing touches. The use of space and economic advancement should be given high regard. Contact us to find a complimenting result for your needs.

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