Sinks & Taps

Finding the perfect sink or tap to fit in with your desired demands and tastes is not the easiest task. At first-hand one might think it’s going to be quickest selection, perhaps so, if working with a company like ours, however, one must understand the needs. The Sink & Tap are most probably the most widely used combo in the entire kitchen meaning its style, tenacity and strength should really matter. If your mindset is to be quick and cheap with this selection, then we strongly advise you to think again. It’s a choice that needs to be made once and not twice so get it right from the offset, so you can be happy using your sink and tap most frequently through your day to day kitchen experience.

Following a detailed design consultation with ourselves discussing all the different shapes, sizes and trends will allow you to come to the right conclusion. Hot, cold or filtered, we have you covered!

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